EverLock™ Home Encryption


EverLock™ offers individualized installation,  support, licensing and auditing of the encryption process.  It is designed for users requiring world class data production, yet not needing to share encrypted files with other users.  


EverLock was developed to provide an easy-to-use and deploy solution for personal privacy needs.  EverLock home encryption edition was developed to allow the home user to secure data they wish to keep private and confidential from other users and/or external agents.  It utilizes the same AES encryption and patented technology to secure data.  It prevents others in your household that may share your machine, from gaining access to data you may wish to keep private.

Once EverLock is installed and you configure which files or directories you wish to automatically protect, it does the rest!  It assures the confidentiality of your files, yet does not make your files difficult to access.

Key Features


  • Simple to use--Point and Click, Drag and Drop or Automatic
  • Easy to implement maintenance
  • Installation is simple and fast
  • Protects only the files you want to keep private, doesn't encrypt the whole computer
  • Individualized back-up and recovery of encryption keys
  • Doesn't slow down your computer speed


EverLock allows:

  • Data security
  • Automatic encryption and decryption of files you wish to protect
  • Peace of mind

EverLock plays an essential and integral  part in your personal data assurance and security.

EverLock is a trademark of NextGen Technology Services in the United States.

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