SkyLOCK™ Enterprise Encryption Product


The SkyLOCK™ Enterprise Edition provides centralized installation, management, support, licensing and auditing of installed encryption clients.  It is designed for larger organizations that require an extended suite of managed support features.  


The SkyLOCK Data-At-Rest Enterprise Encryption product was developed to provide organizations with world class encryption for sensitive and proprietary data within their organization.

The Challenge
SkyLOCK -Enterprise Edition was developed in response to the need of our larger clients to provide protection for their sensitive data assets, and to assure they could pass rigorous external security and data assurance audits.  It was designed to meet the recommended security control specified in the NIST SP-800-53 publications, as well as HIPAA regulations pertaining to securing confidential patient information.

The SkyLOCK Enterprise Solution
Once the SkyLOCK Supply Chain Software solution is implemented, an organization has greater control over their staff's use of the product and assures that this use is consistent with organizational policy.   The solution does not stop  with policy implementation.  There are extended facilities for monitoring compliance with those policies with extensive auditing capabilities.

Key Features

SkyLOCK Enterprise Edition:

  • Centralized License Management
  • Centralized Maintenance
  • Centralized Installation
  • Centralized Policy Management
  • Backup and Recovery of User Keys


SkyLOCK Enterprise Edition allows our customers to:

  • Minimize the total cost of ownership by providing centralized support and auditing
  • Provide data security, but allows the organization to decrypt secure data when user credentials may be unavailable
  • Manage security and set policies that cannot be overridden by an individual user
  • Manage the sharing of data and assure authorizations can be revoked as circumstances require

SkyLOCK Enterprise Encryption can play an essential and integral  part in your organization's data assurance and security initiatives.  We would be delighted to show you how our solutions can aid you with these critical issues.

SkyLOCK is a trademark of Encryption Solutions, Inc. in the United States and/or other countries.

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