SkyLINK™ Group Encryption Component


The SkyLINK component of SkyLOCK provides encryption users with the ability to share encrypted files between designated users.,


Most modern encryption algorithms are based upon the notion that the encryption key contains the directives that dictate how the file will be decrypted.  This is as opposed to an algorithmic scheme whereby the secrecy of the algorithm is used to assure the security of the encrypted data. AES encryption is an algorithm that uses the key to assure the security of the data.  It has been tested commercially and the U.S. Federal government has stated that it is secure.  The federal government  requires its use in encryption products that are protecting sensitive and secret data.   In the SkyLOCK product sets there are multiple keys aside from the AES keys.  A portion of the key is generated and coupled to a hardware fingerprint.  Under normal circumstances it is practically impossible to derive this hardware fingerprint.  SkyLINK abstracts this portion of the key and is able to distribute that portion of the key to authorized machines.  Internally, there is a multi-step process whereby secure portions of the key are communicated to authorized machines.  This "certificate" is then used as part of the encryption and decryption process. 

This SkyLINK-managed "certificate"  is granted with an expiration date.  When the certificate expires, a user may no longer decrypt files in that group.  In the Enterprise Edition, the administrator has the ability to require timed reauthorization of the certificate.  This mechanism allow an administrator to determine whether files may be decrypted when they are not attached to the network.  It allows the administrator to determine for how long the computer may be disconnected from the network before its ability decrypt is suspended.  This would let an administrator allow a laptop computer to be taken home for the weekend and still decrypt group files.  


SkyLINK Features:

    SkyLINK is available in both Stand-Alone and Enterprise versions

    The Enterprise version utilizes facilities within the core product to perform many functions transparently to the user and administrator.

    Data sharing can be done between Enterprise and Stand-Alone version of SkyLOCK

    Share rights can be given for very specific time periods

    In the Enterprise version, decryption and encryption can be centrally audited

    Two phased certificate request and authorization process   



The SkyLINK add-on component allows our customers to:

  • Authorize sharing among groups of users
  • Allow sharing of encryption/decryption for a specific amount of time
  • Determine how long a machine may be disconnected from SkyLINK before encryption/decryption is suspended.
  • Manage the sharing of data and assure authorizations can be revoked as circumstances require

SkyLOCK is a trademark of Encryption Solutions, Inc in the United States and/or other countries.

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