SkyLOCK™ Stand-Alone Pro Encryption Product


The SkyLOCK™Stand-Alone Pro Edition of SkyLOCK provides individualized installation, management, support, licensing and auditing of installed encryption clients.  It is designed for the individual or organization that requires world class data protection and the ability to share files among designated users without centralized management and reporting facilities.  


The SkyLOCK Data-At-Rest Stand-Alone Pro Encryption product was developed to provide individuals  or organizations with world class encryption for sensitive and proprietary data.

The Challenge
SkyLOCK Stand-Alone Pro Edition was developed in response to the needs of our clients to not only provide protection for the sensitive data assets, but to assure they could share this sensitive data in a controlled fashion.  It was designed to meet the recommended security control specified in the NIST SP-800-53 publications as well as HIPAA regulations pertaining to securing confidential patient information.

The SkyLOCK Stand-Alone Solution
Once SkyLOCK is installed, usage is transparent.   A user normally needs only sign-on once to use SkyLOCK.  Files will be automatically decrypted by a simple double-click on them.  Files will be automatically re-encrypted once the user has finished with them.  Files, directories or file type can be specified for automatic encryption.   These files will then be automatically protected while the computer is both off and while the computer is being used!


Principle features of the SkyLOCK Stand-Alone Pro Edition are:

  • Encryption facility is NIST 140-2 certified - This assures you are receiving a high quality, tested robust solution with no backdoors or other vulnerabilities.  It has been certified for use by the US Federal Government.
  • Easy to use, out-of-the-way encryption - Many security solutions, while great for securing data, often get in the way of a user's job performance.  Our solutions are easy to deploy, easy to use and mostly transparent once installed.  One merely double clicks on an encrypted file and the file is decrypted and passed to the editor originally designated to handle that type of file.  The file is then automatically re-encrypted when the user is finished.
  • Encryption and decryption are fast - For small and moderate size files, users will not notice any lag time!  With VERY large files, some lag may be detected.  To encrypt large numbers of files, background processes are utilized to allow a user to continue using their machine while encryption is efficiently performed without getting in the way.
  • Installation is vastly simplified - Some products require significant time and effort to perform initial installation.  All disk sectors may have to be encrypted.  Our SkyLOCK family of solutions installs in minutes.  If large numbers of files are required to be encrypted, this is performed in the background while users continue to use their machines!
  • Local License management - Each individual machine is independently licensed.  Any number of users that are installed on this machine may use the product.  Their individual files are encrypted for their use.  No other user on the shared machine may decrypt those files.
  • Maintenance is individually applied -  Each individual machine controls when and how they apply maintenance.
  • Localized backup and recovery of user keys - Facilities are provided for each individual to  back-up and recover their keys if necessary.  No external agent manages this process. 



SkyLOCK Stand-Alone Pro Edition allows our customers to:

  • Minimize the total cost of ownership by purchasing only those licenses they need now
  • Provides data security, and allows other authorized users to decrypt secure data
  • Simple to install, easy to use
  • Hardware fingerprint lock provides an additional level of security

The Financial Modernization Act of 1999, also called the Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act (or GLB), requires that financial institutions protect consumers’ personal financial information by providing financial privacy, safeguards and pretexting provisions through a combination of policy, management and technology. These protections are to be communicated to all customers. Likewise, Sarbanes-Oxley (S-OX) establishes corporate governance guidelines for auditing, security, and storage of financial data. This legislation tremendously impacts these segments.

Many state governments are instituting similar strict compliance guidelines, such as California’s SB 1386, which requires full disclosure of data breaches to affected parties and exposes organization’s to costly litigation. Institutions and companies are augmenting security systems with multiple security technologies, but these commercial, off-the-shelf technologies cannot meet the growing demand for diversified security.

SkyLOCK™ is a key security technology component for compliance. Simple, effective, and completely transparent, SkyLOCK™ secures all network traffic in financial institutions and commercial enterprise networks. Fully encrypted network traffic is centrally managed, enforcing security policy through multiple layers, role-based access and encryption, auditing and authentication on every networked device to meet the rigorous standards of governmental compliance.

Financial services organizations and commercial enterprises need high-assurance security solutions. SkyLOCK provides advanced encryption technology that is simple, effective, and completely transparent to protect mission-critical data for diverse enterprise applications. SkyLOCK™ offers users a scalable solution from 256-bit encryption for wired and wireless security that assures communications are from trusted sources and optimizes bandwidth management.

SkyLOCK is a trademark of Encryption Solutions, Inc in the United States and/or other countries.

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