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Here’s a sobering prediction: One-third of all adults in the United States will have their personal identity information compromised or lost this year by a company that electronically stores the data, according to figures supported by the Privacy Rights Clearinghouse. Whether or not that number is perfectly accurate, the list of publicly known data breaches is staggering nonetheless.

ESI's SkyLOCK - Enterprise Edition

The Enterprise Edition of SkyLOCK provides centralized installation, management, support, licensing and auditing.  It is designed for the larger organization that requires an extended suite of support features.  Aside from the core management facilities, it includes an integrated copy of our SkyLINK product.  SkyLINK allows administrators to define groups of users and machines that are authorized to share encrypted files between themselves.

SkyLOCK Data-At-Rest Enterprise

The enterprise suite of products provides centralized administration and auditing while giving individual users appropriate controls.

SkyLINK Group Encryption and Decryption

SkyLINK allows an administrator to define a group of users that may decrypt each other's files. Users may be dynamically added or removed from the group as necessary. An administrator is able to state how long a member can be a member of a group and how frequently their credentials must be renewed.

ESI's SkyLOCK Stand-Alone Pro Edition

The Stand-Alone Pro Edition offers NIST FIPS 140-2 certified encryption for the individual or small to medium size office. This edition provides localized control and auditing with optional provisions for sharing encrypted files across multiple machines and multiple users.

Stand-Alone/Office SolutionsSkyLOCK Stand-Alone Pro Edition

The stand-alone product provides encryption for the individual machine and user. It utilizes the same core encryption algorithms as the enterprise addition, but the operation is suited for the individuals that do not require centralized management, control and auditing.

Share encryption and Decryption within a groupSkyLINK Group Encryption and Decryption

The stand-alone version of SkyLINK shares most of the features of the enterprise version. It allows a group administrator to define a group of users that may decrypt each other's files. An administrator is able to configure how long a user may be a member of a group, but some dynamic features found in the enterprise version are unavailable.

EverLOCK - Home Edition

Although the home version is not NIST FIPS 140-2 certified, it uses the same, world-class AES encryption algorithms.  It is designed for the home or student user that does not require the ability to select different encryption approaches or  share encrypted files outside their own machine.  Its' central focus is ease of installation and use, while still maintaining the security of personal information stored on the computer.

Home SolutionsEverLOCK - Individual Encryption

The Home version uses an AES 128-bit encryption algorithm to assure the privacy of your data. Its features are optimized for the individual user  not wishing to share encrypted files with other users.

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ESI SkyLOCK products are NIST 140-2 Certified.  Certificate #743, in 2007. This certification is required of any encryption product utilized and deployed by any federal government agencies.

The ESI SkyLOCK product family is one of 8 products on the Federal Government Data-At-Rest Blanket Purchase Agreement. These products were evaluated by twenty (20) Department of Defense components, eighteen (18) federal agencies and NATO.

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