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NextGen Product Offerings

Encryption Products

In this day, where we hear of data breaches daily, it is amazing how many responsible companies and individuals don’t take rudimentary precautions against losing sensitive data. We are constantly hearing of laptops that are lost, and computers that are stolen. These are events that are known. The major danger is when data is stolen and no one is aware. A competitor walks past your computer, sees it turned on, copies your data to a thumb drive and the only thing you know is that your chief competitor beat you by mere cents in that critical proposal you spent the last month putting together. Office mates may snoop in your files and learn the salaries of the entire staff. Roommates may see those photos of what you really did on that trip to Florida. Unauthorized users may gain access to your network and take all the product development plans from your server. These are real world exposures, this is happening now.

NextGen has a full array of products to keep your data secure. We have products for the home and student user, the small/moderate business owner. We have enterprise solutions that are suitable for the Fortune 500 companies and major Federal agencies. See Encryption Products for our full set of solutions.

Project Planning

Project planning is an essential, core element of any successful system implementation. There are a great number of project planning methodologies. We have elected to implement methods based on the Capability Maturity Model® Integration (CMMI) methods.

NextGen uses a set of tools to facilitate our planning process. We have tools for the small/moderate business owner. See Project Planning for the set of solutions we have deployed.

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